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A catalogue of The Lundbeck Institute's publications on topics of clinical relevance in psychiatry and neurology.

If you are interested in any of the titles, please contact your local Lundbeck office to see if it is available.

You are very welcome to visit the Lundbeck Institute stand at the next international scientific congress to have a closer look at some of our books.

Bipolar Disorder

By Yatham N Laksmi & Gin S Malhi, 2011

This book covers the diagnostic aspects, clinical features and biology of bipolar disorder.

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Sleep Disorders

By Sue Wilson and David Nutt, 2008

This book provides the clinicians with an overview of the current understanding of sleep physiology, the pathophysiology of sleep disturbance, and the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

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By David J. Nutt and Liam J. Nestor, 2013

This book gives an overview of the brain science underpinning addiction and how this helps explain the current and future therapeutics for a range of addictions.

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By David J. Castle and Peter F. Buckley

This book provides well-balanced answers to common questions about schizophrenia.

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